2020 Technologies 3D Icons Now Available from 9to5 Seating

2020 Technologies 3D Icons Now Available from 9to5 Seating

3D symbols now available for our full line in Cap, Giza and Visual Impressions by 20/20 Technologies.

9to5 Seating is very happy to announce that our entire product line is now available on Cap, Giza and Visual Impressions by 20/20 Technologies. Current users of these programs will now have full access to 3D rendered images of our entire product line. In addition for those of you that have Visual Impression capabilities, you will be able to create scenes and renderings using any one of our chair models.

Plan, quote and generate your purchase order material with ease, accuracy and efficiency. Get complete listings of all possible options and current pricing  for all of our chair models by downloading the latest 9to5 library update from the 20/20 website directly at www.2020technologies.com/login.aspx or the January 2013 DVD update.

Every detail, every option.

9to5 Seating on 20/20 Technologies Giza Studio. 20-20 Giza Studio is a sales, design and specification tool for the do it all furniture professional who doesn't require AutoCAD®. Create appealing presentations, develop fast and detailed quotes, and now with the 9to5 Seating line fully accessible you can design complex layouts and generate comprehensive bills of materials.

For the design professionals. 9to5 Seating on 20/20 Technologies CAP Studio. Accessing our product line and manipulating renderings as well as space planning has never been easier. Using 20-20 CAP Studio, the design professionals' choice for AutoCAD®-based planning. Access our full line of 9to5 models including our two newest chairs, Link and Cosmo. Customize any one of our models to your specification and have the power to plan and implement our product line into your next office design.

The perfect tool to give you the advantage.

For more information about 20/20 Technologies or if you have any questions regarding your software please contact your software vendor directly. 20/20 Technologies

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Visits 9to5 Seating

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Visits 9to5 Seating

Being neighbors with the most innovative companies in aerospace and vehicle design; you get the opportunity to see some cool things.  9to5 Seating manufactures commercial office chairs designed for the most intense office environments. SpaceX and Tesla Motors design and manufacture space rockets and next generation electric vehicles.  SpaceX is a proud supporter of 9to5 Seating and it's great to know we help support their mission. Recently while the Falcon 9 rocket was preparing for transport to Florida, a fellow SpaceX employee captured the Falcon 9 passing by the 9to5 Seating factory in Hawthorne, CA (see below).

If your not familiar with the Falcon 9 rocket here is a brief overview taken from SpaceX.com

"The Falcon launch vehicle family provides breakthrough advances in reliability, cost, flight environment and time to launch. In providing our launch and placement services, we recognize that nothing is more important than getting our customer's satellite or other spacecraft safely to its intended destination.

Like Falcon 1, Falcon 9 is a two stage, liquid oxygen and rocket grade kerosene (RP-1) powered launch vehicle. It uses the same engines, structural architecture (with a wider diameter), avionics and launch system. The Falcon 9 rocket delivered back-to-back successes with its first three debut launches.  All three flights achieved 100% of mission objectives and the third flight made history, making SpaceX the first commercial company in history to visit the International Space Station." Source: http://www.spacex.com/falcon9.php

falcon 9 rocket 9to5 seating
falcon 9 rocket 9to5 seating

Want to see the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in action? Watch this video from YouTube.

Life of a Manufacturers Rep

Life of Manufactures Rep

I started my rep group in 2009 and the amount of chairs I have lifted in and out of my truck is to many to count. Recently I decided to capture the number of chairs in the back of my truck while picking up and dropping off demos for a client. I strive to meet the demanding needs of my clients and their customers. My customers have a level of service they expect and I make sure I deliver each and every time with efficiency and speed. If your company is looking demo a product by 9to5 Seating or Right Angle Products please visit our contact page to schedule a demonstration.