Workplace Ergonomics

Being involved in the commercial furniture industry, I have been given the opportunity to truly help individuals who are in pain at their job. There's no more gratifying feeling when an employee thanks me for helping resolve their lower back pain, through a few simple equipment changes and training.

Simple Steps for Managers/Supervisors on Workplace Ergonomics

1. Be Aware! Most employees won't complain until the pain is truly unbearable.

2. Be Proactive! Worker's compensation claims that are ergonomic related can be very expensive. Invest in proper ergonomic office equipment such a proper office chair or height adjustable table for the long run.

3. If your organization can not afford a full time individual for ergonomics, pay for an employee to be formally trained. Classes are very inexpensive and only require a few days of classroom study. Matheson is a great training school for all things health and safety. Asking your commercial furniture dealer for assistance may help as well. Some designers are formally trained and can help with equipment purchases.

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