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Why Sit Stand Desks? - Right Angle NewHeights

You might want to "stand" for this!

There are so many reasons to make the switch to a sit stand desk. I am going to point out just a couple of the major reasons  why purchasing a Right Angle Products NewHeights sit stand desk is going to make a positive impact on your productivity.

Helps reduce certain health conditions!

According to the Mayo Clinic, "Researchers have linked sitting for long periods of time with a number of health concerns, including obesity and metabolic syndrome — a cluster of conditions that includes increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels."

Activating certain muscles while standing can help with the breakdown of fats and sugars. Yes that's right you're burning calories while standing and still doing you job.  Keep in mind calorie burn is minimal.

Increased Focus and Concentration!

Think about the last time you were in a meeting, reclined back in the conference chair and wondering when is it going to end. We tend to daydream when sitting for extended periods of time. Now think about how we interact with one another; we typically stand up for engagement and to be attentive to our guest. Utilizing a standing desk can help keep your energy levels up and maximize productivity throughout the workday.

According Research by Max Vercruyssen, Ph.D at the University of Southern California showed......"Standing up also increases your ability to pay attention, speeds up your ability to process information by 5% to 20%, and increases blood flow (and oxygen) to the brain by 10% to 15%."


We all know there's no silver bullet to health and fitness or productivity at work; however subtle changes in lifestyle can help at least get the the ball rolling. Since we are spending so much time in the office and in front of our computers make the switch to a standing desk. Contact me with any questions or sample requests in the Southern California market.

I love office furniture and it's been my passion for the past 9 years. If you have any questions or would like to connect via LinkedIn please feel free to send me  an InMail message or visit my contact page at Contract Office Reps of Southern California. Connect with me on Twitter  and Facebook

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Picking the Perfect Office Chair

Picking the Perfect Office Chair

Here are a couple of tips to consider when selecting your next office chair either for personal home use or commercial applications:

  1. Consider the environment - Is the chair going to be used at home or at an office location? Did your boss finally allow you to work from home? Well, now it's time to splurge on a great office chair with all the extra hours you will be putting in on YouTube...I mean production reports.
  2. What style suits your office space or personality? - Office chairs come in plenty of styles from all mesh, hybrid (cushion seat, mesh back) or the traditional upholstered backrest and cushion seat (think secretarial chair).
  3. Consider how you sit - Men typically like to sit reclined slightly back when working, while women tend to perch at the end of the seat pan with their back straight. This will determine what type of adjustments and features you will need on the chair.
  4. The amount of time you spend sitting - Sitting for extended periods of time is not recommend, but if your jobs does require a significant amount of sitting consider a commercial grade office chair. Most inexpensive chairs areNOT industry rated. Ask the sales rep at your local authorized dealer if the chairs are BIFMA rated/certified. Office chairs that are BIFMArated/certified have gone through extensive testing prior to market introduction.

I love office furniture and it's been my passion for the past 9 years. If you have any questions or would like to connect via LinkedIn please feel free to send me  an InMail message or visit my contact page at Contract Office Reps of Southern California. Connect with me on Twitter  and Facebook


Workplace Ergonomics

Being involved in the commercial furniture industry, I have been given the opportunity to truly help individuals who are in pain at their job. There's no more gratifying feeling when an employee thanks me for helping resolve their lower back pain, through a few simple equipment changes and training.

Simple Steps for Managers/Supervisors on Workplace Ergonomics

1. Be Aware! Most employees won't complain until the pain is truly unbearable.

2. Be Proactive! Worker's compensation claims that are ergonomic related can be very expensive. Invest in proper ergonomic office equipment such a proper office chair or height adjustable table for the long run.

3. If your organization can not afford a full time individual for ergonomics, pay for an employee to be formally trained. Classes are very inexpensive and only require a few days of classroom study. Matheson is a great training school for all things health and safety. Asking your commercial furniture dealer for assistance may help as well. Some designers are formally trained and can help with equipment purchases.

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