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5 Steps to Building a Sit Stand Desk

5 Steps to Building a Sit Stand Desk

Standing while working or standing while doing nothing is all the craze. Recently I've read that people are building their own sit stand desks not only for personal use but within their office.

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As most of you know I have a background in height adjustable desks and thought I would share my expertise on how to build a sit stand desk properly. Let's begin!

Step #1 - Pick up your cell phone and dial 949.424.3746 and ask for Steve <<< that's me. I will help you find an authorized commercial furniture dealer in your local area. If you're in the Southern California market all the better that's where I'm located. I know what you're thinking; "but wait I thought I was building something?" I will get to that soon enough.

Step #2 - Connect with a local commercial furniture dealer, so they can help determine the appropriate size and finishes.   This isn't the Model T, we do offer multiple options to meet your needs. That's how we roll.

Step #3 - Sit back and relax your new commercial sit stand desk is being built by Right Angle Products craftsman in Schofield WI. Proudly made in the USARight Angle Products offers some of the best height adjustable table options on the market. Plus they are built to last.

Step #4 -Assembly...."Wait what the?" Just kidding; your new sit stand desk by Right Angle Products comes fully assembled and installed at your office or home by one of our certified authorized dealers.

Step #5 - Admire your handy work! Seriously who's going to build their own desk, that sounds like way too much work. Now stand up and conquer those reports you have been meaning to get done for over a week now. Studies show that standing can help burn calories, increase energy which in turn helps you be more productive.

I love office furniture and it's been my passion for the past 9 years. If you have any questions or would like to connect via LinkedIn please feel free to send me  an InMail message or visit my contact page at Contract Office Reps of Southern California. Connect with me on Twitter  and Facebook