office furniture buying guide

Buying Office Furniture Locally

Buying Office Furniture Locally

Buying office furniture requires practical considerations that go far beyond aesthetics. The comfort and safety of your employees and your guests must be factored into every decision. When buying office furniture consider the following:

Start With a Plan and Budget

Determining what items your office may need can be a strenuous task. However, prior to visiting a retail showroom make notes of what items are truly needed for your office space. Take rough dimensions of the offices and work area for employees being affected. Layout a set of objectives you plan to accomplish with the sales rep assisting your purchase. Breakup each room and determine the style and type of office furniture that needs to be included in each. If the area is filled with cubicles, consider ergonomic task seating instead of modern or trendy office chairs (trust me your office employees will thank you, as well as potential workers compensation claims). The more information you can provide the sales consultant initially the easier your buying experience will be. Plus the final result will please everyone in the office.

Office Furniture Dealers

Office furniture dealers can be found in any major metropolitan area. A simple Google maps search can easily assist. A few points to consider when visiting office furniture dealers, so time isn't wasted hopping from store to store.

  1. Read reviews - Read all the reviews listed about a company, some can be fake. 
  2. Geographic Location - We recommend office furniture dealers within a 50 mile radius. This allows you to have a one on one interaction with someone for a significant purchase, plus if issues arise you'll have someone to discuss solutions with.
  3. Contract Dealers or Big Box Stores - Contract dealers have an in depth knowledge of space planning, interior design and access to hundreds of manufacturers. Typically an account rep will be assigned which can help furniture choices. Big box stores are convenient however the quality of furniture offered is typically not rated for commercial use.
  4. If you're having issues finding the right office furniture dealer contacting a manufacturer will always be willing to make a recommendation.

Value Over Price

Consider the cost of ownership over the expected life of the furniture. Here’s an example: a chair that’s designed for occasional use will generally cost less than one that’s designed to withstand heavy wear and tear. While it may be tempting to purchase the lower-priced chair, that would be a mistake if the chair will receive heavy use. Repairs and replacements could easily cancel out any initial savings and could even make the product more costly over time.

Standardize Your Office Furniture

Once you've established specs for items like task chairs, you can simply specify “task chair” the next time you order. It’s a lot easier than digging back through your files for the correct fabric description, item number, chair rating, etc.

Ask Questions

Don't be afraid to ask tons of questions. If your company is looking for office furniture in the Orange County California please free to contact me directly with any questions. Although Contract Office Reps of Southern California only represents 9to5 Seating, Right Angle Products and N-Wall Demountable Walls; I can still assist with pointing your company in the right direction to ensure your office furniture purchase is enjoyable.

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