Office Warfare - Selecting a Weapon



Office Warfare - Selecting a Weapon

cubicle farm

Life in a cubicle farm can be exhausting, boring and filled with endless repetition. Even walking back to your cubicle #207 can be a daunting task requiring GPS tracking and Google Maps so you don't get lost. Let's not forget Frank who visits every five minutes talking about the new receptionist the company just hired. At times we can all lose ourselves, but before you smash your keyboard over Frank's face, consider office warfare with your fellow coworkers.




Here are a view quick tips on saving yourself from the boss, IT department or even the annoying sales guys. Please visit for more great office warfare ideas.

Here are my TOP 3 Choices:

1. Rubber Band Shooter - Probably one of the easiest to make since it requires one relatively stretchy rubber band. Easy to fire off multiple shots especially if you are the office supply manager. Make sure you have an entire box for rapid cover fire.

Rubber band shooter








2. Duct Tape Boomerang - Might take a little time to make but who cares your boss won't know your stuck in cubicle #207 and as long as you put your head down you can make this one happen. There are few supplies you will need. Duct Tape of course, flexible cutting board and scissors.








3. This is the Ultimate Office Weapon - Hidden Crossbow. Conceal this crossbow under your wrist for easy deployment, especially when you see Frank coming down the aisle way. Notice the activation ring. *Please note: I do not recommend hurting anyone within the workplace. So please people make sure you don't use any materials that may hurt someone, these items are all strictly for fun. LET THE WAR GAME BEGIN!